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If you wish to join one of our many committees, please see the following committee list, including a brief description for each, and apply for the position(s) that best fits your area of expertise.

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Affordable & Equitable Housing

The purpose of this committee is to: increase awareness of homeownership by providing education to REALTORS® and the community regarding affordable and equitable housing opportunities; understand the scope and magnitude of the affordable and equitable housing issues at the local, state, and national levels; foster relationships with nonprofits and municipalities that engage in affordable housing efforts; and become a resource for REALTORS® and consumers by providing a multi-platform repository for affordable housing information, research, and subject matter experts. (Meets monthly)

Community Service

This committee coordinates the Association's involvement in the community each year. (Meets monthly)

Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council

The purpose of this committee is to: be a listening body for the membership; continually review the Association for systemic racism and discrimination issues that hold back and/or discourage diverse leadership and membership; and recommend diversity and inclusion opportunities that initiate, foster, and ensure equal opportunities throughout the Association. (Meets monthly)

Governmental & Community Affairs

Calling all members with ties to their community government! Members of the Governmental & Community Affairs committee combine their connections to Metro Atlanta community governments to give the Association a voice in local policy issues that impact our industry. This committee shapes the formulation of local ordinances and policy through professional lobbying, grassroots advocacy, and supporting the election of pro-REALTOR® candidates for public office. Committee members also review legislation and recommend political action to protect the interests of REALTORS®, our industry, and our clients. (Meets monthly)

Member Engagement & Public Relations

This committee promotes encourages Association participation and inclusion of all members by promoting opportunities that reflect our evolving global marketplace and the interests of our members. (Meets monthly)

RPAC Fundraising

The RPAC Fundraising Committee is charged with coordinating all ARA fundraising activities for the Atlanta REALTORS® Political Action Committee. In addition, the Committee works with the Georgia Association of REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS® to recognize Realtor members who make significant investments in the PAC and are recognized as Major Investors by the National Association of REALTORS®. (Meets monthly)


This committee organizes and produces the Association's annual spring event to benefit the chosen annual charities. (Meets monthly)


Sustainability Committee - This energetic and enthusiastic committee strives to educate and engage our members on sustainability through collaboration and advocacy to raise awareness and action.  A few examples of our work include planning and hosting our annual EcoFest shredding celebration, collaborating with local MLSs to maximize the effective use of GREEN listing features, and film/post sustainable moments to social media. (Meets monthly)

Top Producers

This committee reviews rules and examine applications for the Top Producers, which recognizes agents and brokers for their volume production and noteworthy transactions from the previous year. Membership is this committee is restricted to Top Producers Life Members. (Meets January - March)

Trade Show

This committee produces Showcase, the Southeastern Residential Real Estate Trade Show, which is the Association's largest annual event. Proceeds from the trade show benefit the chosen annual charities. (Meets January - August)

Training & Development

This committee plans and produces at least six career-building programs each year for the general membership, as well as two programs targeted to managing brokers. It also collaborates with the Association's school, the Georgia Institute of Real Estate, to administer at least six free continuing education programs annually. (Meets monthly)

YPN Planning

This committee will plan future YPN events, as well as provide direction for how the YPN can best serve our members. (Meets monthly)

    Statewide Professional Standards Cooperative

        The Atlanta REALTORS® Association is a member of the Statewide Professional Standards Cooperative established            by the Georgia Association of REALTORS®. Members of the following 2 committees are appointed by the ARA Board          of Directors at the beginning of each calendar year.

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This committee reviews and investigates complaints against members as well as arbitration requests filed with the Association. When appropriate, it refers them to the Professional Standards Committee for a hearing.

In order to participate on this committee, you must: (1) have held REALTOR® membership for a minimum of three years; (2) attend a GAR approved Professional Standards training seminar; and (3) sign a confidentiality agreement.

Professional Standards

This committee encourages strict adherence to the REALTORS® Code of Ethics by all members. It conducts hearings on alleged violations of the Code of Ethics, commission disputes, and other matters referred by the Grievance Committee and/or the Board of Directors.

In order to participate on this committee, you must: (1) have held REALTOR® membership for a minimum of five years; (2) attend a GAR approved Professional Standards training seminar; and (3) sign a confidentiality agreement.

Committee Structure Update (2022)

In an effort to make Atlanta REALTORS® committees more inclusive, an ARA task force was assigned to review the existing committee structure. The task force made the following recommendations which were approved at the Board of Directors meeting held May 18, 2022. These changes impact both the ARA Board of Directors and Committee attendance policies and are effective immediately, so please review carefully:

  1. ARA committees will no longer be made up of Voting Members and Contributing Members. Any ARA member will have the opportunity to join a committee and vote, as long as they adhere to the attendance policy.
  2. From the time a member joins a committee or the Board of Directors, three absences from that committee's regularly scheduled meetings within the calendar year will be deemed as a resignation from the committee or Board.
  3. For the purpose of fulfilling attendance requirements, participation via audio or video conference shall not be counted as an absence provided their camera is turned on for a video conference. No member shall be allowed to participate in the committee or Board of Directors meeting via video conference while operating a moving vehicle.
  4. For the purposes of tracking attendance, any member that joins a meeting more than five minutes after the Chair has called the meeting to order shall be considered as absent. It is recommended that each committee chair announce the five-minute mark at every meeting, so there is no misunderstanding between staff and volunteers.
  5. If a member is more than five minutes late for a meeting and is declared to be "absent" for the purposes of attendance tracking, they will not be allowed to vote on any motion that is presented to the committee or Board of Directors for consideration at that meeting.

Additional recommendations can be found here.

If you are interested in joining an ARA committee, we welcome your involvement! Please join today!